Paediatric care

Children’s Clinic

The field of Paediatric Intensive Care is rapidly growing in India. The number of intensive care units providing care to infants and children is also progressing at a rapid pace. Lalwani Mother and Child Care (LMCC) leads the trend for providing the best-in-class facilities along with well-qualified personnel. This facility would also cater to the needs of the population across Pune and its suburbs. Care of sick children has been one of the mainstays in the planning of LMCC. We provide excellent neonatal and pediatric care.


Our facility includes:

Pediatrics specialized care

Pediatrics specialized care.Ventilator Beds

High-tech ventilator beds.Pediatric Intensivist

Pediatric intensivist heading the unit.

Blood bank & Pharmacy24-hour access to the blood bank, pharmacy


Predefined admission, discharge policies.


Physiotherapy for neonates and children.


Breastfeeding support group.

Pediatrics surgical procedures

Pediatrics surgical procedures.


Facilities for complete vaccination of the infant and child.

Tests of the babies

Hearing tests of the babies and cardiac evaluation of all the babies at the time of birth.

Education of health challenges

Education of the family regarding the growth of their baby.